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Patient rights and responsibilities

The consumer has the right to:

1. Safe and humane treatment.

2. Be completely informed of these rights.

3. Have Ethical Factor RX staff communicate in a language or form that he or she can reasonable be expected to understand.

4. Be informed of responsibilities he or she may have in the care process.

5. Be thoroughly informed of any charges or out of pocket expense not covered by consumer insurance.

6. Be informed of prices; inspect the “Explanation of Bill” or other charges.

7. Have advanced directives.

8. Be provided with information and education relating to aspects of his or her condition that relates to services provided by Ethical Factor RX in order to participate in the home therapy plan and plan of care.

9. Be informed of any potential benefits, risks and effects of treatment and will have the opportunity to authorize or refuse treatment.

10. Participate in the development or revision of the plan of care or Patient Management Program.

11. Full access to information necessary in order to make decisions regarding services. The consumer’s family or guardian may exercise the consumer’s rights when the consumer is determined to be unable to make informed decisions.

12. Be treated at all times with respect, courtesy with complete recognition of individuality and dignity.

13. Service without discrimination against race, color, creed, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, handicap or age.

14. Lodge any complaints with Ethical Factor RX and with any other appropriate person, organization or agency such as URAC.

15. Be informed and educated on the procedure for lodging complaints in a confidential manner and the procedure for receiving, reviewing and resolving complaints.

16. Express grievances and suggest changes in policy, service or staff without worry, intimidation, constraint or discrimination and not experience unreasonable interruption of services from Ethical Factor RX.

17. Expect confidential treatment of medical and personal records and to decline their release to any individual outside of  Ethical Factor RX (except in situations where the consumer signs a release of information form). Other exceptions may include as required to complete third party payment contracts.

18. Receive healthcare by the physician of his or her choice.

19. Adequate pain and symptom management.

20. Refuse participation in experimental treatment or research, unless the consumer receives clear documentation and gives informed consent.

All of Ethical Factor RX Consumers have the responsibility to:

1. Give up-to-date, complete and correct health information concerning medical history, medications, allergies and any other information that pertains to the consumer’s health.

2. Participate in developing and maintaining a safe environment.

3. Address any financial concerns regarding service or care.

4. Take part in the development and maintenance of their home therapy plan and plan of care. (For example: medication compliance tracking.)

5. Request information if there is anything they do not understand.

6. Voice concerns they may have regarding Ethical Factor RX services or staff members.

7. Inform Ethical Factor RX if they are being hospitalized.

8. Understand and exercise consumer rights to optimize response to and satisfaction with Ethical Factor RX services.


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