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Patient care team

Devoted people to help you with your very demanding and complex conditions.

Represents a modern and vibrant small company that wishes to confirm itself as a reliable and committed organization that will serve in the best interest of the patient.

Social worker

The multiple social and psychological triggers in persons with a chronic illness demands attention that includes both concrete and supportive services.

Social workers have the opportunity to collaborate with other team members to help you optimize your full potential in the face of a chronic and potentially life-limiting disorder. The social worker must be able to assist patients and families to cope with the chronicity of bleeding disorders, the effects of HIV/HepC, Infertility, Crohn’s disease, Asthma and all the rest. Providing ongoing rather than curative treatment can be challenging for the treatment team, but it is the backdrop against which social workers can form uniquely close relationships with patients and with colleagues on the treatment team.

The social worker acts as an advocate on behalf of you and your family, empowering you to be an effective partner in managing your own care.


A large part of what separates specialty pharmacy from a retail pharmacy is the outcomes that are monitored by the Pharmacist. At EFRx we track your outcomes, hospital visits, doctor visits, medication compliance, side effects, and reactions all so we can tailor the best therapy and recommendations specific for YOU.

Patient Advocate

The community aspect of the illness is often neglected, and there are no better experts on that aspect of the illness than the patients themselves. We encourage sharing with you the experiences of our patient liaisons, who will help you navigate through all the most difficult aspects of the illness in order to achieve compliance. We would help you set up personal goals and navigate you through the process of being compliant to help ensure best outcomes for you.

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